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What did COVID do to your business?(!)

COVID-19 is not only bad news for your health, but most probably also for your business. Uncertainty in the market is a synonym for trouble. Customers don’t order, or order less. Purchases are postponed. 

The link between your company and the customer is your sales team. But how good are they? Are they able to get the business when you’re having tough times? When all your competitors show up at your customers at the same time, trying to get that little bit of business that’s still there?

Is an online sales training an option then? Or a traditional one? Or a mix?

Ask top sportsman, prof musicians, and anybody else who want to be the best: training is essential.
And that is certainly true for sales training, when times are tough.

These days, traditional classroom-style sales training is risky. The safety of your salespeople should have the highest priority. One sales training course isn’t the other.
And one online sales training certainly isn’t the other!
Not everybody is able to deliver engaging online sales training! It’s just talk…

Without repetition and follow-up, the ROI of (online) sales training is very low.
Ebbinghaus (1850-1909) demonstrated with his ‘forgetting curve’, that people forget 80% of what they have learned in a classroom-style training within a month if there is no follow-up.
Continuous training is a must… but it should be safe, affordable and pay off!

With 15 monthly training-webinars of just 1 hour, we complement online sales training and traditional classroom-style training.
We turn them into engaging training journeys that are affordable, won’t take much time and pay off immediately.

Our traditional, blended or online sales training is different...

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The benefits of blended or online sales training

  • Developed for online

    Built from scratch, our sales training can be fully delivered online. But the combination with classroom-style training (at a later moment) makes it even more powerful. We have trained hundreds of salespeople online since 2012. For us online is not second best, but a vision.

  • Complete

    Basic- as well as advanced sales techniques, are merged into one, continuous sales training programme. This sales training is second to none. Everything a salesperson would ever need, is covered. Both starters and senior salespeople are enthusiastic about this programme!

  • Saving time

    Salespeople are busy people. Our interactive training-webinars and online training require little time. Each activity in our awesome gamified training app, doesn’t take longer than a few minutes. This way, people get trained frequently over a longer time. This ensures an excellent ROI.

  • Flexible

    People can enrol in our online training-webinar programme every month! This enables new people to participate in the same sales training programme as their colleagues who started earlier. Online sales training can be customised to your requirements.

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Classroom-style and blended training

English, Dutch or German:

Blended in-company

Suitable for sales teams of 5 people or more. Normally, the online training-webinars complement class-room style sales training prior to -, during – or afterwards.

In the Netherlands, an open blended sales training programme is available.

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The online sales training programme

Training webinars

There is an open online training-webinar programme (English or Dutch), monthly training-webinars of 1 hour each. These are complemented by exercises in our gamified training app.

Online sales training

We can also deliver Corona-proof online in-company sales training. This is a great alternative to classroom-style training: interactive, with role-plays and group dynamics. Participants need a webcam to be able to participate.

The training app

New content will be released after each event. There are text and video exercises.

The videos depict a realistic sales scenario. Most of the videos come in a correct / incorrect scenario.
The app also contains the theory.

In addition to this, a sales challenge is published in the app every month. The best response to this challenge is published and awarded every month.

Frequently asked questions

  • In a classroom-style training, participants are present physically and we can practice and do role-plays, which are recorded and evaluated.
  • Training-webinars are online. Participants interact with the trainer and the others via chat and interactive polls. They don’t need a webcam.
  • Online training is similar to classroom-style training. The only difference is, that people are not physically present, but online. They need a webcam. Participants can see each other and the trainer and we’ll do role-plays, workshops etc.

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The online training-webinar programme is designed in a way that you can start at any time.
In-company and online training courses are planned in consultation.

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The standard training- webinar programme consist of 15 modules.
For best results, we recommend to sign up for the whole programme. But if required, it is also possible to sign up one or more modules.
There is a pricing-bracket in place and signing up for the complete programme is the best deal.

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No, this is not a prerequisite. But it is wise to do, because the deepening and repetition boosts the ROI of the classroom-style training.

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No, it is a web-app and that means that it runs in a browser. And therefore, on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone of any brand and any OS. You don’t have to install anything.

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The online programme runs in Dutch and English. 
The in-company classroom-style training can be delivered in English, Dutch and, if required, in German.

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It depends. If you want to participate in the standard training-webinars, you will not go on stage. Interaction is established via the keyboard.
Participation in an online training requires a webcam. In that case, role-plays will be done and you will be on stage.

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