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Classroom-style open training: Finding customers' needs (Dutch)

8 May 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm CEST

Classroom 150x150

In this classroom-style open training you learn how to discover the needs of customers during the investigation stage of the sales conversation. You will understand the different roles in the DMU (Decision Making Unit) and know how to map out the DMU. This gives you insight into the decision-making process.


  • How do you structure your sales conversation,
  • How to find out the buying motive, the communication style and the role of the customer in the DMU,
  • Determine the selection criteria for prospects with the NAMAT model,
  • Determine the priorities of the customer with the value triangle.

Salespeople from various companies participate in this open classroom training. By doing so, company blindness is prevented. Sparring with peers is considered a very valuable aspect of these training courses. At the end of this interactive training, you’ll get related exercises, videos and theory in the training app and can start practising immediately!  This will help you to better retain the techniques and concepts and apply them automatically in real-life situations. 
Of course, you also participate in the monthly sales challenge. You are completely free to provide the best solution for a realistic sales situation and every month we choose a winner.

This open training in classroom-style is followed-up by the online training programme of Train ’n Gain.

The open classroom training currently runs in Dutch only in the Netherlands.

Note: the stated time is Central European (Summer) Time (CEST).


Fletcher hotel, Rosmalen
Burgemeester Burgerslaan 50
ROSMALEN, Noord-Brabant 5245 NH Netherlands
073 521 9159


Train ’n Gain | Paul Smulders


Finding customers' needs

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