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Training-webinar: Determine and sell the added value (English) - late

18 June 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CEST

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Sometimes you do not understand why your customer hesitates to buy your product or service. After all, he is going to make or save a lot of money if he chooses your product or service, because the financial benefits are higher than the costs. In other words: there is a positive Return On Investment (ROI).
Apparently, you have not (yet) been able to convince the customer of the added value of your product. In this training-webinar, you are going to learn how you can do that.
We will discuss the following topics:

  • What advantages does your product or service offer and what is the added value?
  • How can you calculate and demonstrate this added value and show it against the investment?
  • How can you highlight the added value in a conversation with a client and convince him or her?

At the end of this live and interactive training-webinar, you’ll get related exercises, videos and theory in the training app and start practising immediately!  This will help you to better retain the techniques and concepts and apply them automatically in real-life situations. 
Of course, you also participate in the monthly sales challenge. You are completely free to provide the best solution for a realistic sales situation and every month we choose a winner.

This training-webinar is part of Train ’n Gain blended and online training programme.

Note: the stated time is Central European (Summer) Time (CEST).


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Selling the added value

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