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Classroom-style, blended and online training

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Our sales training comes in various flavours and can be delivered in English, Dutch and, when required, in German.

  1. Blended in-company. This is the most suitable sales training for sales teams of 5 people or larger. Programme, duration, frequency and location can be adapted to the specific requirements. Normally, the online training complements class-room style sales training prior to -, during – or after the classroom-style training.

    In the Netherlands, an open blended training programme is available.

  2. Fully online. This training webinar programme is suitable for any number of salespeople. It can be complemented by classroom-style training at any time.
    Participants don’t need a webcam, they interact with the trainer and each other via the keyboard.

    The standard online training webinar programme consists of 15 monthly live webinars, followed-up with exercises, videos and theory in the gamified training app.


    It is also possible to deliver a customised online training course. The participants use a webcam and live role-plays and workshops can be done. 
    This online training is comparable to a classroom-style training, with the only difference that the participants are not physically in the same room.
    >>More about online training

Check out the events calendar for dates and content of the standard planned webinar training courses.


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