Body language and conversation psychology

Not everything that people think will be said. And not everything that people say, is meant that way.

In many cases, body language uncovers the real intentions.

Sometimes, in conversations, emotions get the upper hand. People get angry or show clearly that they disagree. Sometimes, they even won’t see reason.

lichaamstaal body language gesprekspsychologie

What will you learn in this training about body language and conversation psychology?

This is what you will learn in this training:

  • Become more aware of your own body language,
  • Learn how you can use body language to support your message,
  • Recognise the signals of the other person and know how to react to them,
  • Understand the psychology behind the conversation and use it when the conversation derails,
  • Learn how you can divide a conversation into ‘layers’ and pick the best layer.

After participating in this training, you are able to dissent from the rational part of the conversation and concentrate on the message that is behind it.


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