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Deal with procrastination in sales

Procrastination-behaviour sometimes drives you crazy. Suppose you have had an excellent conversation with a potential customer. You know exactly what they need and your proposal fits in perfectly with this. You have explained which features and benefits your product or service has and they agree with that. You have heard “Yes” a number of times.
And yet, your potential customer does not want to make a decision now. There may be several reasons, of which the most common are:

  1. They want to think about it,
  2. They need to consult their boss, their team, their spouse,
  3. They want to compare it to a competitive product or service,
  4. They want to reorientate themselves.

Most salespeople can’t proceed and the best result they can come up with is “Ok, I will call you next week after you have discussed / compared, thought about it”, etc.
Are there no better ways to make progress? Hell yes! They are there.

Could it be that this is a polite way to turn you down?

The most important question to which you want to get an answer is: “is there really a good reason for this postponement, or are they trying to get rid of me in a polite way?”

Many people feel uncomfortable saying “no”. It is much easier to say “I’ll get back to you”. Apparently, something went wrong in the sales process if people feel this way.

How can you find out whether there is a good reason for the delay, or whether this is a pretext?

I wrote a whitepaper about these situations with several “procrastination-killers”. With these advanced techniques you will find out what is going on in your customer’s mind, and shorter the decision making procedure.

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