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Deal with procrastination

Procrastination-behaviour sometimes drives you crazy. Suppose that you just had a conversation with a potential customer. Everything seemed fine. But then the process stalls. Do you recognise this?

Deal with procrastination

There may be several reasons, of which the most common are:

  1. They want to think about it,
  2. They need to consult their boss, their team, their spouse,
  3. They want to compare it to a competitive product or service,
  4. They want to reorientate themselves.
  5. Etc.

Many people feel uncomfortable saying “no”. It is much easier to say “I’ll get back to you”.
Is there really a good reason for this postponement, or are they trying to get rid of you in a polite way?

I wrote a whitepaper with various “procrastination-killers”, that will help you in all the situations mentioned above, and many more, to speed up the sales process.

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