Determine and sell the added value with ROI calculations

Sometimes, you don’t understand that a customer says “no”. You are convinced that your product or service will bring many benefits, and yet he doubts or complains about the price.

Apparently, you have not been able to convince the customer of the added value of your product or service. That won’t happen again after participating in this training course!

bepaal de meerwaarde ROI berekeningen

What will you learn in this training about determining en selling the added value by making ROI calculations?

You will learn the following important aspects:

  • How to determine the added value of your product or service,
  • How to convince customers by making an ROI calculation,
  • The only right way to involve the customer in making these calculations, and conclude that the benefits surpass the costs significantly.

This powerful closing technique belongs in the toolbox of every professional salesperson.


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