Handling procrastinators and negotiate with price-negotiators.

Unfortunately, not all sales conversations are straight forward. Sometimes, at the end of the conversation, pretty significant hurdles must be taken, such as not making the decision and negotiation the price.

uitstelgedrag prijsonderhandelaars

What will you learn in this training about handling procrastinators and price-negotiators?

In this training, we will discuss advanced closing techniques to be able to cope with procrastination and price-negotiators.

The following aspects will be discussed:

  • What can you do to speed up the decision making process?
  • Recognise it when they give you the runaround. How can you professionally react to this?
  • What are the tools to help your conversation partner convincing the stakeholders in their organisation?
  • Learn how you can bring price negotiations to a successful conclusion.

This training is very important to successfully conclude even the toughest sales situations.


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