Handling resistance

In almost all sales conversations, you will have to deal with resistance.
There will always be situations where the customer disagrees with something you said or did.
There are various kinds of resistance. There is the brush-off, when you try to make an appointment or approach someone. There are the objections, for instance when you explain the advantages of your product. And we have pretexts, when you try to take the next step.

bezwaartechnieken | objection techniques

How can objection techniques help to reduce resistance?

Before you are able to react to an objection with an objection technique in a proper manner, you first have to recognise it. And that turns out to be hard enough…

This training module is going to help you to become a master in handling objections and other kinds of resistance.
Among others, the following aspects will be discussed:

  • Which kinds of resistance are there, and when can you expect those?
  • What are the most common wrong reactions to resistance?
  • Which objection techniques can help you to professionally cope with resistance? No less than 12 objection techniques will be discussed!

There are many exercises to understand how to apply the objection techniques in real life.
This training is indispensable to take away any questions, doubts or objections that the customer might have.


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