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Spice up your posts and Emails with emojis

When you write an Email or publish a post on LinkedIn, it is a bad idea to use a lot of text and put one sentence after the other.

People are used to read messages on a mobile device and to scroll.
So make sure there is enough whitespace in your text.

Another option is to use emoticons or, even better, emojis. An emoticon is a combination of ‘regular’ characters, like 

  • : -) (smile)
  • : -( (angry)

An emoji is an image that you can use to structure your text or show an emotion, such as 😀🤨😡.

Why and how to use emojis?

Research shows that Email with emojis in the subject line sometimes have a higher open rate than Emails without. Other research shows the opposite. 🤔 
So it depends on your message and your audience.

Fact is that emojis can spice up your message, especially when used in the right way. Check out the checkmarks in the text below for an example.

Emojis convey what words can’t. So… if your text is well suited for the use of emojis, spice it up with them.

But be careful and don’t overdo… Pay attention to the following aspects:

✅  Don’t use too many emojis,

✅  Make sure you use them functionally. So checkboxes, exclamation marks, bullets: it’s all fine. But a football or bathtub is rarely appropriate.

✅  Try to use emojis from the same category. So don’t mix a sunshield with a cabinet, globe and chinese characters with different styles and colours.

✅  Pay attention to distinguishability. Use the same emojis in your Email subject lines, if the Email is about the same topic.

Where do you get them?

Maybe you didn’t know, but they are right under your fingertips on your keyboard.

On a Windows PC

Windows 10 has an emoji keyboard that opens when you press the Windows key and the dot (.), or the Windows key and the semicolon (;). For further explanation, check it out here.

On a Mac

While in your text at the right position, click the combination Cmd-Ctrl-Space. Now an Emoji keyboard pops up. (Double)click on an emoji, and it will be added to your post text

On a mobile device (iOS or Android)

Use the emojis keyboard.

👊🏼  Good luck!


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