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Look into your webcam's lens a bit more often

Of course, you know how important eye-contact is in a sales conversation. Especially when you are listening. Because it is not weird when you talk and at the same time try to find something in your file. Especially not, when you explain it, for instance “euhhh, let me look, it think it was an e-mail from last month”.
Or, when you dig into your memory about something important, speak and look at the ceiling at the same time: “Well… I think that was somewhere in 2006 or so”).

But of course, it is weird when the other person speaks, and you are looking up things in your file. Or stare at the ceiling. Immediately, this gives the other the feeling that you are not interested in them. In fact, they already get that feeling when you look over their shoulder for a very short moment.

But what happens in online meetings nowadays? Physical conversations have been replaced by online meetings. And unfortunately, the lens of your webcam is somewhere at the top of your computer, and your conversation partner is somewhere down on your screen. Wouldn’t it be great if the wecam lens was in the middle of your screen? That would be an innovation, because it gives the most familiar feeling!

My tip? Look a bit more often in the lens of your webcam. This gives the other person the feeling that you look at them. You can’t do this too long, because otherwise you don’t see how the other person reacts. I would say, alternate between looking at your screen and looking into the lens of your webcam. 50%-50% would be a nice ratio.


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