Large account management

Most organisations have a customer base with a few very important, large accounts. These large accounts deserve special treatment. In such a case, a (key) account manager gets the responsibility for large account management.

Maintaining good relations with such large accounts require specific knowledge and skills. This is what this training is all about.

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What will you learn in this training about large account management?

Among others, the following aspects will be discussed.

  • Which kind of SWOTs can you create and use for such an important account?
  • Why is important that there is mutual importance?
  • What does the DMU of the account look like?
  • How does the customer approach you as one of their vendors (your position in their Kraljic matrix)?
  • How can you measure the quality of the relationship?
  • What is a multi-level sales matrix and how do you create one (with a free template!),
  • How to conduct conversations and build relationships at a higher level in the organization.

If you want to maintain and grow your biggest customers, then you shouldn’t miss this training!


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