Negotiate excellently


You should only negotiate when you really have to. In other words: preferably not!
But if you need to negotiate, then you should do it right!

In many business environment negotiations, the negotiation result is very important. However, maintaining a good relationship often is as important or even more important!

What will you learn in this training negotiating?

In this training, you are going to learn the intricacies of excellent negotiation.

Among others, the following aspects will be discussed:

  • How can you turn positional into principled negotiation?
  • What are your ZOPA and your BATNA in a negotiation?
  • Which negotiation dimensions should you pay attention to?
  • What kind of negotiation styles exists and how can you react to these styles?

This training is essential to get a win-win negotiation result, that serves both the result and the relationship.

Tons of tips can be applied immediately in your next negotiation.


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