Pipeline management and generating leads via LinkedIn

Having eyes on the development of your business is not only important for your manager but certainly also for yourself! You can do this by creating and maintaining a sales pipeline.

A sales pipeline needs to be filled with opportunities constantly. LinkedIn is one of the instruments that almost all b2b salespeople need. And that is exactly what we will discuss in this training!

pijplijn management LinkedIn pipeline management

What will you learn in this training about pipeline management and generating leads via LinkedIn.

In this training,

  • You’ll learn about the KPI’s of your sales pipeline, and how to improve the throughput,
  • You’ll become better at getting inbound leads via LinkedIn,
  • You’ll learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get more leads and contacts, with the aim to fill your sales funnel.

Immediately following this training, you can start optimising your LinkedIn profile, from the profile picture to the ‘call to action’ and everything in between.

It will be much easier to find you on LinkedIn and your prospects will get a much better first impression.


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