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Can't meet with customers now? Read these 10 tips!

In these harsh Corona times, many people sit at home. Face to face meetings with customers is not a good idea at this moment. But what CAN you do as a salesperson?
This is the moment to do the things that you normally don’t have the time for.
What about using your time to do the following:

  1. Enter ‘Google mode’ and try to find new prospects for your product or service.
  2. Study the website of your biggest customers. Who knows what kind of information you will find that you didn’t know yet.
  3. Scour LinkedIn for contacts at your big customers that you may not yet know. If you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator it is easy: filter on the account and job title, in combination with the geographical area.
  4. Clean up your CRM and pipeline. Use the tips from my webinar about pipeline management.
  5. Create some time-saving templates that you can use to create quotations and follow-up emails. Read my blog about making winning quotations, including a free and very successful template).
  6. If you use Gmail, start using ‘canned responses’. That enables you to use paragraphs with pre-created text with just a few mouse clicks. See also how to use canned responses.
    If you want to have a nice looking template for your Gmail emails and signature, check out this: https://www.email-templates.com/.
  7. Start using our learning web-app. The web-app runs on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC of any kind. You can start using it free of charge, respond to some questions and excercies and take on the monthly sales challenge. Even better: Sign up for the online training programme. You can participate in a webinar training every month and get new content and theory in the learning web-app immediately afterwards.
  8. Read the sales tips on my blog page and subscribe on my YouTube channel. Check out the valuable tips for salespeople.
  9. Aks your customers, boss and colleagues to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. You now have the time for it, and they most probably as well! Make it easy for them and send them a link like the following: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-smulders/detail/recommendation/write/
  10. Go through your customer list of last year and two years ago. Whom have you lost sight of? Approach them and make an appointment for 6…8 weeks from now to catch up.

If there’s headwind, adjust your sails (and sales)! Take care and be safe!


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Yes, email me tips for sales every now and then

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