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Sales challenge

Sales challenge

You are working on a large project with a prospect. After having delivered a presentation you were not able to reach anyone anymore and your calls were not answered.

You decided to send a break-up email (see previous challenge) and finally you got the following message from the VP, the most important person for you in this company:

"Thanks for reaching out and we are very sorry that we haven't been able to respond to your (voice)mails. We are in the middle of a re-organisation and have a new managing director, with whom we are talking about the priority list.

Please give us another 2 or 3 weeks to get back to you. Thanks!"

How would you respond?

The Train ‘n Gain micro-learning training app helps to brush up your sales skills and anchor the learning matter. This web-app is nothing less than a complete sales training course on your smart phone or PC!

The app is loaded with theory, realistic videos of sales situations (good and bad approach), questions/answers and sales challenges.

Without a registration code, the training app is a demo. You can answer a few questions of the 15 topics. In addition to that, you can take on the monthly sales challenge. You will then be competing against salespeople from all over the world, to give the best solution to a challenging sales situation.
Paying customers get new questions, videos and theory every month, immediately after the training webinars or classroom-style training courses.

Check out the agenda to find out when the training webinars are planned.

The training app can be used on any device, e.g. PC, tablet, laptop and smartphone of any type and make.  You don’t have to install anything.


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Train 'n Gain | Online verkooptraining since 2012

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Train 'n Gain | Online verkooptraining since 2012

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