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Sales challenge

Sales challenge

You are making progress with your big prospect. After having had several conversations with the technical manager, you had been able to give an online presentation to a team of 7 people.

Of course, you prepared yourself well. This means that you asked for the list of participants, found those people on LinkedIn and sent a connection request to them (which they all accepted). You examined their profiles and their roles. You looked at what kind of posts they did on LinkedIn. And of course, you confirmed the meeting to all of them.
When the presentation began, you started off with a powerful quote, followed by a brief introduction of your company and yourself. And then you asked the others to introduce themself. You asked each of them the important question "What would you like to hear or see in this presentation, that would give you the best feeling about our offer and help you make the correct choice?"

The presentation went very well. It took about an hour and there was a lot of interactivity because you asked many questions (by taking into account their roles in the company).

There were several questions at the end and you were able to answer all of them.

Then, in the end, the vice president took the lead and said the following: "Thank you for all your information. I think that you gave us a great impression of what you can do for us. We will now further discuss internally what will be our next steps, please give us a week to make up our minds. I will get back to you before the end of next week.".

You asked what further information they would require to help them make the right decision, and the sheets were the only thing they needed. You personally thanked each of them for participating in the meeting. You asked whether their questions were all answered and whether the presentation met their requirements. Your gut feeling is: this is going to be a deal because there was a lot of positivism!

Then, the week after, it remained silent. So you decided to call the VP the week after that on Tuesday but got his voicemail. You left a message and said that you wanted to further discuss the project and see if you could be of any help to them, to make the best decision. But your call wasn't returned. A few days later, you sent him an e-mail, saying that you would like to discuss the progress of the project. But also that e-mail wasn't answered.
Then you called your initial contact person, the technical manager. No response either, and also no response to your voicemail. Meanwhile, it is 16 days ago that the presentation was given by you.

What is your opinion about the above-mentioned approach and what would you do?

This sales challenge is open for submissions till Monday 4th January 2021 6 PM.

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