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What makes a salesperson a TOP-salesperson? KEDEL!

Still, there are people that don’t realise that sales is a profession. That not everybody will be able to become a professional salesperson. What seems to be a big advantage (the ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey) turns out to be the biggest pitfall.

There are factors that determine whether a salesperson is a TOP-salesperson or has the ability to become one. I put these factors in the following formula:

Sales potential = K * E * D * E * L

The factors K, E, D, E and L are represented by a percentage from 0% – 100%. It must be clear that, if any of these factors is underdeveloped or 0, the calculation leads to a disappointing result or even 0.

What are these factors?

K = Knowledge

A salesperson that has a lot of knowledge will perform better than a salesperson that doesn’t. And I am not only talking about knowledge of the product or service. Also knowledge of human behaviour, knowledge of how to conduct a successful sales conversation, knowledge of what might happen at any time in a conversation as a response to what you say or do.

E = Energy

Having sales conversations (or trying to have them!) can be exhausting. If you are responsible for new business, you need to approach potential customers every day with lots of energy, despite the fact that you also will hear “no” quite often. You need the energy to be able to do this and hold your head up. So consider Energy as the combination of drive, persistency, enthusiasm and resilience.

D = Discipline 

This might be an issue. If you need to bring in new business, you need the discipline to consistently approach prospects, the commitment to call x prospects per day, the discipline to store your notes and call people back at the right time. No matter what.
Of course, there will be a thousand reasons to not do it. And I have heard them all a thousand times. But you are responsible for your own priority list and contacting prospects should be on top of it.

E = Experience

It is the experience that enables you to have a conversation in a self-assured way. Knowing how to react to certain situations. If that experience made you better at responding to these situations, this is a big asset.
However, experience can also work against you. I have delivered many training courses to salespeople that had 20+ years of experience. People that did things their own way. Without realising, that it should have been done in a different way. These people first have to abandon this sort of behaviour, before they are able learn something new. That costs a lot of time and energy.


L = Learnability

Last but not least: how trainable are you? Are you open to improve yourself? Do you feel comfortable being vulnerable? Or is your ego in the way?
If you are open-minded, know your pitfalls and limitations, and are prepared to learn and improve, you will be more successful than when you are stubborn.

How KEDEL are you? Let me know if you want to increase your sales potential. Maybe I can help you.


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