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How do you write winning quotations? With free template!

The other day I saw a quotation that was written by one of the participants of my sales training course, and I was shocked. It was merely an enumeration of part numbers, specifications and prices. Not the kind of quotation that gives you a warm feeling.

This participant meanwhile knew how to conduct a professional sales conversation. But writing professional and winning quotations…that’s a different kettle of fish altogether .

That gave rise to the idea to write a blog and create a vlog about writing winning quotations. How should you do that?
Well, if you know how to structure a sales conversation, you know how to write a quotation! It’s exactly the same!

  1. Start by summarising what you understood from the customer: what is his problem? How could he make more profit? What are his ambitions? If you start this way, you know for sure that you get attention. After all, people not only like to speak about themselves (lesson 1 of all sales training courses: let the customer talk and just ask questions), but they also like to read about themselves!
  2. Then you present your product or service in a way, that meets the customer’s requirements. Did he require a fast product? Then make sure you translate the aspects of your product into speed. Did he want a product with a long life-time? Then describe the aspects of your product that make it last long. Etc.
  3. Next step: present the price or investment. Make sure that you offer a ‘value package’ and present it as a sandwich. For instance: “The investment in this high speed product is € 2.000, and it will be supplied in the version that has a life-time of at least 5 years.
  4. And very important: conclude with a call to action: what should the customer do? Correct: submit the order, or request a demo or pilot etc.

When you’ve had a great conversation, ending in a request to make a quotation, it is best to immediately plan the follow-up meeting. You have to take advantage of the momentum. If you are going to spend time writing a quotation, you may expect that the customer is seriously interested. Which shouldn’t give a problem to plan the next meeting on the spot.

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Train 'n Gain | Online verkooptraining since 2012

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